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Our Services

  • 30 min

    40 US dollars

***As of Jan 1, 2023, we will be transitioning to a new online booking platform. Instructions for getting started are below***

Account Creation for New Online Booking Platform
1. Navigate to

2. Select "Join or sign in with" and choose if you'd like to set your account up through Facebook, Google, or Email


***You are able to set up the account for yourself or your child. If you choose to add both yourself and child to the account, select your account name in the top right corner and select Account Settings > Family Accounts > and then add your family members. 

3. Through the Account Settings, you are also able to sync your riding calendar with your personal calendar by selecting the "Integrations" tab to start the sync. 

4. Perform a search for CJ Morgans LLC by clicking the magnifying glass in the top tool bar and selecting "Stable Search"

5. Select the house icon next to CJ Morgans LLC to navigate to our home page. Moving forward, this is where all events will be published (i.e. horse shows, trail rides, ect.) and where lessons will be booked. I would recommend marking CJ Morgans as a favorite so it’s easy to find moving forward.

Stable Page


The News section is like a news feed that both you and I can post in. I will be promoting upcoming events here.


There are quick links to CJ Morgans website and Facebook page on this page too. Our website now promotes CJ Morgans swag! If you’re interested in purchasing t-shirts, hoodies, or bags, prices are displayed on under the "Store" page.


Quick breakdowns of pricing are also listed on Hopoti's Stable Page.


***Notice there are slight increases in prices this year for cash and electronic payments***


Under the Service Descriptions tab, you’ll find a breakdown of all prices and purchasing options that you can use through Hopoti. I highly recommend reading through this page so you can choose which purchase option best fits for your lessons.


If you choose to continue paying in Cash, prepay for your lessons in advance and I will submit you a Stablecard on Hopoti. This can be used as a lesson credit card through the web tool. Getting started, if anyone chooses to continue paying in cash (which we always encourage), just let me know which booking option you'd like to continue with starting in January and I can get it started in the meantime. 



Booking Page


This is where you can book lessons and events like shows and trail rides.


Before your lesson, I will assign horses to all lessons, so all riders can know who they are riding prior to their lesson if you’re at all curious!


Horses Page


All of CJ Morgan’s horses are listed on this page. Feel free to go in and heart your favorites. This will let me know who your favorite horse is for lessons, although it is not a guarantee you will be assigned that horse for each lesson.



As always, feel free to reach out to myself at any time if you have any questions or concerns. Anyone who has prepaid for lessons in December will receive a Stable Card to use for booking once your account is created.

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